Hi, hello!

This is an introduction of your one and only, Anastasha Putri Jasmine. Since this world is too big for me to see everyone, let’s just get to know each other online! thanks to those who decided to make the internet and social media happened.

(disclaimer) if you are looking for an entertaining or educating type of blog I am very sorry to dissapoint you but this blog is not for you. However, if you are into blogs that basically rant about everything that is happening in this small planet I called ‘wearth’ (because world and earth are just too basic so why not combine both words all together?) then, yes this is the blog for you. I am not a guru or a lecture, I am just a communication student that have a lot of things in mind and probably have too much information so rather than suffocating by information, why not just write (or type) it? and who are people to judge if I want to share it?  

Just as an extra information, I feel like writing is very therapeutic and by sharing it online I hope I can learn, grow, and interact with one another more.  

So, who’s ready to take this journey with me?

p.s you can reach me through my social media; Instagram & Twitter